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Kip Soteres is a thought leader and change communications expert with 20 years of experience in high-tech, banking and health care industries. In that time, he has won Gold Quill and Silver Anvil awards from the International Association of Business Communicators and the Public Relations Society of America for change communications targeting large employee populations.

Campfire tales in the breakroom – 3 ways to tap emotions for success in the face of business changes

Data and reason initiate most significant business changes, but it takes an emotional connection to carry them through to completion.   Change typically begins when a set of experts analyze business performance and conclude that the organization needs to become more competitive, innovative, cost-effective, safe, quality-conscious, or customer oriented in [...]

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The disengagement of engagement: There’s a monster outside my window

Engagement surveys, done badly, can be disengaging for employees. If your response rates are declining, if news of an approaching survey creates dread among employees or if informal company conversations don’t match up to survey results, your engagement survey may be part of the problem.   Soteres Consulting has been [...]

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Finish first (Part 2)

Businesses lift many working metaphors from sports and political campaigns because both these spheres are compelling and dramatic. What gives sports and politics their drama is precisely what many businesses fail to incorporate: clear scoring and defined, unambiguous endings.   Sports clocks count down. The buzzer sounds. The polling booth [...]

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Finish first (Part 1)

I went to two conventions last week: the IABC Regional Heritage Conference in Columbus, OH and the PHRA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. At both venues I had the opportunity to hear smart and experienced people talk on trending topics in HR and communications.   Karen Hough’s presentation has stuck me [...]

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Doing change differently — don’t drop your outliers

Companies struggle with status quo thinking and behaviors. The larger the organization, the stronger these static forces become. One of the more common status quo behaviors is the question: “What are other people doing?”   Decision-makers have good reasons for asking what others have done. For one thing, it keeps outcomes [...]

Fear and overload

In The Signal and the Noise Nate Silver correlates exponential growth in information with periods of violence and unrest. In his words, “The amount of information was increasing much more rapidly than our understanding of what to do with it, or our ability to differentiate the useful information from the mistruths.” [...]

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Best communication practices require year-round benefits campaigns (Part 2)

This article continues last week’s about the increasing need for year-round benefits open enrollment communications. This week our focus is on the finances of benefits elections with emphasis on incentives and taxes. Here are a few reasons why communicating once a year in the Fall may no longer be enough: [...]

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