Welcome to our updated website! For the past six years, Soteres Consulting has been working with clients like you to deliver best-practice internal communications. We have helped companies like Comcast, West Virginia University Medicine, PNC, Highmark, and the BlueCross BlueShield Association start conversations with their employees to support mission critical business and operational efforts. 

Excellent communication for impact isn’t just for large companies – we’ve been there with many smaller organizations too. Better productivity and engagement are directly tied to building a strong dialogue with the people essential to getting work done, whether you have five employees or 50,000. 

Clients return to Soteres Consulting because we listen to and engage with you creatively to solve the challenges specific to your organization based on your size, scale, situation and available resources. We will never hand you an off-the-shelf playbook. Good communications are context-based, personal, and engage the emotions in ways that a playbook cannot provide. 

Chances are you have not thought of all the ways that better internal communications can help you accomplish your biggest goals. Browse the blogs and resources available here and reach out to start the conversation with Soteres Consulting.