Open Enrollment Facts: Benefits Communications Shape the Tone of Your Employee Conversations

Internal communications play a powerful role in defining the relationship that you have with your employees. Every email you send introduces employees to choices about how far they will trust your words.  The tone and style of internal communications shape – or distort – the quality of the relationship between employees and their employers. Employees will most heavily weigh communications that apply to them. So, consider items [...]

Open Enrollment Facts: An Hour on Benefits Isn’t Enough

For many employers, Open Enrollment is on the near horizon for this coming fall. This year, the season might also introduce complications like return to work or hybrid work initiatives.   Either way, you spend a lot of time and invest significant resources to provide good benefits to your employees. [...]

Brain Science for Better Business Meetings

It’s been over a year since many of us switched office desks for dining room tables. Now as we emerge into a post-quarantine world, it’s time to face facts. Hybrid video and in-person meetings are with us for the foreseeable future.   Simply adapting the format of traditional face-to-face meetings to hybrid won’t work and hasn’t been working. Recent brain science helps us understand why:   When on video, most people tend to spend more time looking at themselves, [...]

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Welcome to our New Website to Help You Start the Conversation

Welcome to our updated website! For the past six years, Soteres Consulting has been working with clients like you to deliver best-practice internal communications. We have helped companies like Comcast, West Virginia University Medicine, PNC, Highmark, and the BlueCross BlueShield Association start conversations with their employees to support mission critical business and operational efforts.  Excellent communication for impact isn’t just for large companies – we’ve [...]

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Campfire tales in the breakroom – 3 ways to tap emotions for success in the face of business changes

Data and reason initiate most significant business changes, but it takes an emotional connection to carry them through to completion.   Change typically begins when a set of experts analyze business performance and conclude that the organization needs to become more competitive, innovative, cost-effective, safe, quality-conscious, or customer oriented in [...]

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The disengagement of engagement: There’s a monster outside my window

Engagement surveys, done badly, can be disengaging for employees. If your response rates are declining, if news of an approaching survey creates dread among employees or if informal company conversations don’t match up to survey results, your engagement survey may be part of the problem.   Soteres Consulting has been [...]

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Finish first (Part 2)

Businesses lift many working metaphors from sports and political campaigns because both these spheres are compelling and dramatic. What gives sports and politics their drama is precisely what many businesses fail to incorporate: clear scoring and defined, unambiguous endings.   Sports clocks count down. The buzzer sounds. The polling booth [...]

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