Employee Communications

Do you need help reaching employees with key information?

Companies without a communication resource have weaker two-way communication channels, lower employee engagement and lower overall success rates.

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of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.


HR Communications

The post-Covid work environment has introduced unique challenges tied to increasing remote and hybrid workforces. The new workplace has activated contemporary communication channels and redefined what it means to manage and lead. Shifting employee expectations are catalyzing significant changes to benefit offerings.

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HR Information Systems & IT Communications

Cybersecurity efforts can solve for technical challenges, but are your employees complying? Work habits attach to technology and processes to become deeply entrenched, which creates obstacles for technical projects, whether that is a Workday implementation, a new budgeting tool, a move to employee self-service, or the introduction of collaborative work tools. Better communications will help you get more value out of these investments.

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Leadership & Management Communications

Information overload may be making it harder for your leaders and managers to fulfill their critical function as organizational communicators. Do you have the right channels and a task- and outcome-driven communication format to help them successfully convey essential message?

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Change Communications

The pace of change is accelerating for you and your employees. Inadequate communications methods that worked in the past may not be up to your needs during times of major change. Your organization needs a communication strategy and culture to support your evolving business.

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Community Formation, Diversity & Inclusion

Best-in-class communications build trust and establish a strong sense of shared priorities to build employee engagement, inspire collaboration & enhance performance. Activate employees through communities built to shatter corporate silos of activity and catalyze empowered, high performing teams.

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Assessments & Training

“If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t get done.” You can’t know if your employees are receiving and retaining essential messages without metrics, trend-lines and surveys. Establish a channel of record, measure its effectiveness and then continue to refine it with practical strategies to grab attention in a world of information overload.

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Disengaged employees are costing organizations over $450 billion dollars per year.

Shawn Fitzgerald, Former Director of Benefits, BlueCross BlueShield Association

“Kip takes a business-driven approach which accommodates organizational culture to ensure the best approach is taken to deliver messages. Kip is creative and partnering and his work with us made us all better.”

Angela Roberts, Chief Communication Officer, American Veterinary Medical Association

“Kip brings a tremendous advantage to any organization that is going through change. Above and beyond the tactical execution, Kip brings thought partnership, planning and expert perspective to any change management process. His supportive guidance is invaluable and he has played an essential role on my team.”


We believe that successful employee communication begins with listening. Soteres Consulting for Internal Communication will never hand you an off-the-shelf playbook. We collaborate with you to create customized communications that are shaped to your context, clear, effective, personal, and emotionally engaging. If you are trying to reach your employees with important information that requires their action and engagement to be successful, we can help.

We will listen and collaborate with you to build the best customized communication solution for your employees. Good communications are context based, personal, and emotional, – which a playbook cannot provide.

The engagement cost of under-resourcing internal communications

  • Of companies with dedicated internal communications, 99 percent rate engagement as medium or high
  • Of companies that have no dedicated internal communication resource, 70 percent rate employee engagement as medium to low
  • Leadership communication is the top internal communication factor correlating to engagement

The benefits of better internal communications


of companies say they don’t have a strategy for employee communications


of employees feel like they are missing out on company information and news


of employees don’t have a full understanding of company strategy


of employees report not being given clear directions


of managers are not comfortable communicating with employees

Clients that have dedicated internal communication resources have

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