For many employers, Open Enrollment is on the near horizon for this coming fall. This year, the season might also introduce complications like return to work or hybrid work initiatives.  

Either way, you spend a lot of time and invest significant resources to provide good benefits to your employees. If you aren’t investing in communications to support those offerings, you are  losing much of the value of your benefits investments. 

Better communications will increase utilization of flat-fee benefits such as many Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and help to ensure that employees are selecting plans and programs that best fit their needs. You’ll see higher on-time enrollment numbers and fewer last-minute service calls to HR. 

73 percent of employees spend less than an hour on benefit decisions that can have a powerful effect on their health care coverage and take-home pay according to Colonial Life. It also indicates that they may not be thinking of secondary offerings that might be part of your benefits packaging. 

EAPs are especially important and often offer a surprisingly wide array of resources for employees who may be suffering from heightened levels of stress and anxiety as Covid continues to make work and life challenging. Why not invest a little extra effort to ensure that your people remember benefits like these when they need them, and not just while filling out a form in October? Learn more.