The fulcrum for effective change

Frontline managers do the heavy lift of translating corporate messages around strategy and culture to daily behavior. They carry the bulk of the trust and integrity in an organization when employees turn to them and ask, “Is this effort important?” or, “Should we take it seriously?”


Most organizations focus mainly on senior leaders and frontline employees. At Soteres Consulting, we do change differently with specific resources and training designed to support managers in successfully leading their teams through change. We’ll work with you to define concrete messages that establish expectations and position managers as strong communicators and confident ambassadors for organizational change.

Common deliverables in support of manager communications can include:

  • Manager playbook
  • Talking points
  • One-page visual with notes
  • Manager-specific FAQs and pre-communications
  • Manager forums for feedback and continuous improvement

Change the way you think about change. Contact Soteres Consulting to learn more about how we can help you harness the untapped power of your frontline managers.

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