FLSA changes: Get a good start on creating more effective internal communications

As August winds down, you may feel like you are falling behind when it comes to implementing and communicating Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) changes that will affect the exempt/non-exempt status of many employees.   There are many web resources and organizations such as the PHRA to help you manage the change, but [...]

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Four signs your communication cascade won’t work

Many people think of a top-down communication cascade as their go-to method for communicating important changes. A communication cascade begins when executive leaders take a set of messages to their staff meetings. Attendees are supposed to carry the same messages to their staff meetings and so forth, until theoretically every [...]

Change is personal

I have worked with many change experts over the years, collaborating to bring effective communication practices to their differing methodologies.   I especially remember a man who visited our organization with his entourage every few months. He projected authority and conducted direct conversations with our executive team about “alignment” and “accountability.” [...]

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