Customer Quotes

Centralized HR service model at BlueCross BlueShield of TN

“Kip provided careful audience analysis, which allowed us to identify the many key stakeholders who required tailored communications. Executive leaders were armed with talking points to reinforce the business rationale for change and encourage their employees to view the switch in a positive light. He also helped us develop transparent messaging to win employee trust and make them feel like they were working alongside HR to ensure a better, more cost-effective solution for the enterprise.”

Melissa Gratias, Ph.D. — Productivity Psychologist, LLC

HR systems integration at Highmark Health

“We had businesses running independently and in silos. At the start, it wasn’t just that we didn’t have the same goals. The biggest issue was that we were all used to having our own goals without regard for the larger organization — we were headed down divergent paths. Individually, we didn’t see the problem or the full opportunity. Kip offered world class communications and a highly inclusive project leadership approach, which helped us bridge that much faster than we’d ever imagined.”

Chris Haver — Director, HR Administration, Systems and Analytics

Wellness program implementation at Highmark Health

“Kip brought a deep strategic perspective to the Wellness program that we began rolling out at Highmark four years ago. He supported out efforts with keen messaging insights and other innovations that helped us exceed industry standards for program participation and outcomes. Leader led communications and effective targeted manager messages helped ensure strong levels of employee acceptance in a challenging environment of high change resistance.”

Heidi Herald — Director, Wellness

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