Change Communications

If you’re introducing big changes to your workforce and you’re not sure how they will be received, ask yourself:

  • Is there room for improvement compared to previous change efforts?
  • Do we need to move through this change quickly?
  • Will employees resist?
  • Are we prepared to keep them engaged?
  • Can we sustain their trust?

Make the most of the opportunities that come with change. Soteres Consulting can help.

We consistently outperform industry standards across communication challenges related to the following:

  • Health benefit changes
  • Compensation, salary band and job title restructures
  • Pension and post-retirement benefit changes
  • FLSA changes tied to exemption status
  • 401(k) and retirement education
  • Executive and employee incentive programs
  • Recruiting, Day 1 orientation and extended onboarding
  • Highly incented wellness programs
  • Performance management changes
  • New performance improvement/corrective action policies
  • Significant policy changes (e.g., PTO, timekeeping, dress code and tobacco)
  • Messaging tied to diversity and inclusion
  • Mergers, acquisitions and employee integrations
  • Corporate strategy and mission, vision, value rollouts
  • Reorganizations and critical business restructures
  • Executive leadership changes
  • Employee engagement efforts
  • Workforce actions, including layoffs
  • Customer satisfaction and quality initiatives
  • Cost-reduction efforts
  • Internal branding initiatives
  • User acceptance for large-scale IT implementations
  • Critical behavioral change efforts (e.g., handwashing in hospitals)
  • HR and IT service delivery model changes

We do change differently to achieve better results. Send us your information and let’s start the conversation.